The Evolution of Copra

We started as a small team of childhood friends sampling our 100% pure, cold chain coconut water in New York supermarkets. Now we’re an international wholesale supplier of premium, sustainable ingredients from Thailand, specializing in coconuts.


Copra Inc. Begins

We started Copra because we couldn’t find a single coconut water brand that tasted like the freshly cracked coconut water we grew up with in Thailand. We set out on a mission to bring the authentic taste and nutrition of real coconut water to the world.


100% Raw Coconut Water Launch

Copra launches the second cold chain 100% raw coconut water in the US.


Wholesale Distribution Begins

Copra begins selling bulk coconut ingredients to foodservice channels.


World-wide Distribution

Copra has world-wide distribution and starts shipping internationally to Europe and Asia.


Factory Is Built

Copra brings manufacturing in-house by building a coconut processing facility in Ratchaburi, Thailand.


Private Label Expansion

Copra begins private label manufacturing at the Ratchaburi factory.


Online Store Launches

Consumers across the US can now buy Copra and have it delivered to their door! Now you can even subscribe for 10% off every order.

Our Values

Promoting Health Across the World: We partner with our customers to further a food system that nourishes consumers, farmers and the earth.

Authenticity: As Thais, we stay true to the incredible diversity, nutrition and taste of Thai tropical fruits. This means our products are minimally processed, 100% pure and unadulterated.

Sustainability: We aim to achieve environmental, economic, and community sustainability in our community in Ratchaburi, Thailand.

Customer Service: We’re all about communication. We personally work with all our customers, small or large.


Basing our facility directly at the source gives us an incomparable ability to guarantee quality. We work with smallholder farmers to meet our stringent farming and raw material standards. Our coconuts are processed the same day as harvest.


We support smallholder farmers who farm organically and prize quality over quantity. They only harvest coconuts at peak ripeness (and can tell the brix of a coconut just by looking at it!).

Our factory staff are employed year-round with full benefits including retirement plans.

As stewards of a rich coconut heritage and their sustainably managed land, farmers receive fair and above market prices year-round despite seasonality.