The holidays are one of the most hectic times of the year. Whether you’re traveling to see family or finding an excuse to get away from the hustle and bustle of the season, we have your back. Coconut water is beneficial for a variety of reasons, but here’s why you should make space in your suitcase for Copra’s coconut water, which has far more benefits than pasteurized, shelf-stable coconut water. We go out of our way to extract, bottle and freeze the coconut water same day as harvest to make sure that you can reap all the benefits of this magical elixir.

If you plan to keep up with your workouts..

Toss the sports drink aside. Coconut water has fewer calories, less sugar (and zero added sugar) as well as more potassium than most sport drinks. Even better, it doesn’t have any of those questionable additives and chemicals (modified corn starch, anyone?). Getting the right balance of electrolytes will replenish your body and energy, help lower your blood pressure and help rebuild lean muscle.

If you happen to get into an afternoon slump..

It’s important to have a safety net for your midday slump. A few different scenarios come to mind: the young ones asking you to play (let’s all admit, the kids table has too much energy) or the gluttonous meal that you normally wouldn’t have for lunch, but there are too many leftovers to resist. Coconut water works to keep your blood sugar level steady with no crash and with the active enzymes that you can only find in minimally processed coconut water like Copra’s, you’ll feel light and ready for anything that comes your way.

If you have one too many drinks..

Holidays are the time to indulge and nothing should get in the way of you asking for another round of drinks. If you have one too many and are feeling hungover, coconut water will be at your rescue with full rehydration benefits. Or even better, mix it in your cocktail to pre-empt the hangover (check out our Instagram for some ideas)! Overall, coconut water is a great beverage for first thing in the morning to get the body rehydrated after a good night’s sleep.

If you want to take your vitamins, but can’t pack them all..

One serving of coconut water provides you with iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, calcium, potassium, electrolytes, fiber and vitamins C, E and B. As long as you pack your coconut water, you can feel comfortable with having to leave the rest of your vitamins behind.

If you want to stay regular..

There is nothing worse than feeling clogged when traveling. Our diet and daily routines tend to get disrupted during the holidays. Coconut water has active enzymes that are good for digestion and is also a diuretic to help you detox.

Traveling provides minimal space for packing, so pack a liquid whose multiple benefits checks off all the boxes to keep you feeling refreshed. Are you scheduled for a flight and not checking a bag? No worries. Our online store ships nationwide.

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