How Many Coconuts Come in Copra Coconut Meat?

Copra 101

We get a lot of questions about our serving sizes, so we decided to break down the cooking measurements that you can refer to when cooking with Copra.  In a 1 lb resealable bag of coconut meat, you will find the meat of 11 coconuts!

For a little background, if you’re unfamiliar with our sourcing — we exclusively source large young green coconuts of the “nam hom” variety. We crack the coconuts same day as harvest. The water is extracted and the coconut meat hand scooped, and then frozen that same day until it reaches you!

The size of coconuts will vary by season. Coconuts are smaller during the dry season from approximately February to July, when there is not enough rain to support fast growth. Coconut meat during this period also tends to be thicker and more dry. They plump up with coconut water during the rainy season.

Regardless, we keep the thickness of the coconut meat consistent by controlling for coconut age and ripeness, adapting to the seasons. We sort out the thickest and most jelly-like coconut meat so you only get the softest, tastiest, most versatile coconut meat.

*Note for those switching from whole coconuts:

Because we flash freeze our products right after extraction, you’re actually gaining more nutritional benefits than consuming whole diamond cut coconuts, since freezing food actually retains more nutrients than keeping it refrigerated over the course of weeks (the time it takes to ship a whole coconut from Thailand)!

You’re also getting the most nutrition because we closely control harvesting at peak ripeness.

So if you’re used to consuming whole diamond cut coconuts, this is actually more fresh, without the machete or the husk to dispose of later.

Here are some recipes to test these portions with Copra‘s coconut meat:

Coconut Hummus – ½ cup coconut meat

Vegan Chevré – 1 cup coconut meat

Vegan Ceviche – 2 cups coconut meat

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