How To Defrost Your Copra

Copra 101

Here at Copra we pride ourselves on single sourcing 100% “Nam Hom” coconuts, renowned for being the best tasting variety in the world. And because we extract our coconuts within 24 hours of harvest, our products not only taste the best, but also have the most nutritional value. To preserve these qualities, our products are freshly frozen immediately after extraction and stay that way until they reach you. Since you may not be used to receiving your coconut products frozen, here are some tips on how to properly defrost your Copra.

If you’ve just received an order from our online store

Unpack as soon as you can. The products will be frozen, slushy or chilled. The fact that our products are free of additives and minimally processed means they cannot be stored at room temperature, ever! 

Best practice to defrost is…

  • Leave in the fridge for 24-48 hours.
  • Remove your Copra from the box to increase air circulation. Especially if are defrosting multiple products, our products help to keep each other frozen if left side by side (cute, but not when you’re thirsty!). Use a fan for extra air flow.

When in a rush…

Give them a water bath (not hotter than room temperature). Refresh the water as often as needed as it cools.

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