How To Find The Best Coconut Water

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OK, so you love coconut water. But you get to the shelf and there are about 200 brands (or it seems like it). How to find the best coconut water? Let’s get straight to the source.



Thai coconuts are naturally the sweetest and most flavorful in the world. The “Nam Hom” variety, a large young green coconut grown specifically in Ratchaburi Province, is particularly nutty and nuanced. Ratchaburi Province, home to Copra’s factory and source of all its young coconuts, is an agricultural powerhouse in Thailand. Its dark, mineral-rich soil, abundant water and year-round sun ensure that the fruit – and specifically coconuts, its highest volume product – is naturally extremely sweet.


how to find the best coconut water

2. Read the ingredient label

Often coconut water is made from concentrate, which involves reducing the fresh coconut water to a syrup. Good coconut water only needs one ingredient — coconut water. Also be wary of any preservatives like citric acid or sodium benzoate which are added to lengthen shelf life and cut costs.

Look beyond the ingredients for notes including: 100% real fruit juice, not from concentrate, and certifications like USDA Organic. Oh and by the way, coconuts are always GMO-free.


how to find the best coconut water

3. Avoid tetra paks and cans

Tetra paks and cans allow coconut water to be shelf stable for at least 12 months. When you pasteurize coconut water to the point of shelf stability, the good bacteria, including active enzymes, that detox and replenish the body disappear.

how to find the best coconut water

4. Shop in the refrigerator section

Generally speaking, the shorter the shelf life, the more nutrition!  This is why authorities in the natural food world are saying that the future of food is the refrigerated sectionCopra’s coconut water has a 90 day refrigerated life unopened and a 7 day refrigerated life once cracked. It cannot be stored in room temperature ever. This is due to the presence of active enzymes from our commitment to minimal processing for maximum health benefits.

Follow steps 1-3 to steer clear of coconut water in tetra paks and bottles made from concentrate that can also sold in the refrigerated section.

Now it’s time to taste the difference for yourself! Want to test us out? Shop Copra’s coconut water now.


how to find the best coconut water

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